The Economic Terrorism: Over pricing & hoarding

One of the roles of the Commissioner Karachi is that of the Divisional Controller General Prices. He, through his DCs, ACs and other competent officers, carries out the price control initiative, which directly benefits the public. Mr. Shoaib Ahmad Siddiqui, is a staunch advocate of all-year price control campaign rather than a Ramazan-centric one. By the virtue of Price Control and Prevention of Profiteering Act, 1977 & Sindh Essential Commodities and Prevention of Profiteering Ordinance, 2006, DCs and ACs enjoy powers of First Class Magistrates in their jurisdiction. The campaign has the following features;
•Control on the prices of milk, meat/poultry, fruit and vegetables & essential grocery items.
•Not only price control but also weight & measure, quality sampling of milk and meat/chicken.
•Presence of ACs at the time of auction in Sabzi Mandi.
•Role of effective Bureau of Supply & Prices, Food inspectors, weight & measures.
•Thousands of shopkeepers/producers fined and hundreds jailed.
•Round the clock Operational Control Room.
•Immediate action by Magistrates on complaints through phone call, SMS, and email.
•Effective support of media..