Two-member delegation of Institute of Transport and Development Policy Jakarta (ITDPJ)

Commissioner Karachi Shoaib Ahmad Siddiqui stated that government is taking all possible measures to improve transport facilities and traffic management in Karachi for the ease of its citizens.  
“Karachi is a big metropolitan city and in order to solve the current transportation issues, there is a dire need to adopt modern and scientific advancements,” Commissioner said while addressing to a two-member delegation of Institute of Transport and Development Policy Jakarta (ITDPJ) at his office.
“Governor Sindh and Chief Minister Sindh have ordered relevant organizations to combat traffic and transport-related matters in the city on priority basis,” he added.  
Commissioner Karachi enlightened about current projects that are being launched, such as ‘Saddar Traffic Improvement Scheme’ and ‘Bus Rapid Transport’ (BRT). Hopefully, with the completion of those projects the traffic and transportation condition in Karachi will remarkably improve and facilitate the masses.
He stated that, BRT has commenced which plans to run six hundred big buses in six different lanes in Karachi, and this project will be completed by the year 2018. Additionally, hundred buses are expected to run next year which would carry passengers from Landhi to Tower through Shahra-e-Faisal and MA Jinnah Road.  
The delegation of Jakarta offered to conduct skilled study to advance the transport system in Karachi. The leader of the delegation and Director ITDPJ Yoga Adiwindarto shared the details of the proposal. Priscilla Fabiola, transport expert Malik Zaheer-ul-Islam, Secretary Regional Transport Authority Manshad Ali and Assistant Commissioner Shahzaib Sheikh were also present on the occasion.
Adiwindarto informed that ITDPJ would prepare propositions for improvement of transport. He said that to improve the transport system BRT project should be analytically thought-through, keeping in mind the civic and sub-urban needs. The study would focus upon the population, recent traffic system and convenience of the citizens. Hopefully, ITDPJ study would sooner help rectify the traffic issues in Karachi.
He said that the study would be conducted with strategic planning and discussion with the concerned departments, as per the requirements of the future..