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Commissioner Karachi Message

The Office of the Commissioner Karachi Division is mandated to perform various administrative functions through its Departments and Directorates. Looking after the overall matters in the most populous and economically active city of Pakistan, the Commissioner is the Administrative Head of Karachi. Wielding command over seven districts, Commissioner Karachi is responsible for all the affairs commencing in the Division. Following are some of the major functions and powers of the Commissioner:

General Administration

The Office of the Commissioner Karachi is deemed responsible for implementation of Government directives and policies in the Division through respective District Administrations. The Commissioner Office coordinates between all pertinent departments, agencies, and stakeholders for disposal of business and effective public service delivery within the Division. It also holds accountable all the District-level administration for efficient implementation of State policies and writ.

Law and Order Affairs

Although law and order is not the direct domain of the Commissioner Karachi, the Office works in close coordination with the Karachi Police and Rangers Sindh. The Commissioner Karachi along with Additional Inspector General of Police, Karachi and Director General, Rangers, Karachi Division, ensure that routine affairs of the Division are executed smoothly without any disturbance pertaining to security and decorousness of the region.

Revenue Powers and Jurisdiction

Empowered under the Sindh Land Revenue Act, 1967, Commissioner Karachi exercises control over all Revenue Officers in the Division. He has the power to withdraw and transfer revenue cases from one Officer to another within his jurisdiction, and/or dispose them in a manner he deems fit. Commissioner is also the Appellate Forum for revenue cases disposed off by the Collector/Deputy Commissioner within the jurisdictional limits. Commissioner Karachi is also the competent authority to dispose cases pertaining to Revenue entries blocked by the Board of Revenue, Sindh.

Coordination and Control

The Office of the Commissioner Karachi serves as headquarter of several services and operations being carried out in the Division. Following services and functions are centrally controlled and coordinated through Commissioner Office:

  • Anti-Encroachment Cell
  • Counter Terrorism Department
  • Complaint and Public Grievances Cell
  • COVID-19 Guidance Cell
  • Rescue 1299
  • GIS Cell
  • Fire Rescue Cell
  • Crisis and Disaster Management
  • Resettlement and Rehabilitation
Divisional Committees

At the Divisional level, committees pertaining to various services are also formed to ensure smooth coordination and implementation across the City. Some of the major committees are as following:

  • Health Committee

    Representatives from all districts, public health department, and emergency services are part of this committee to supervise the progress of provision of health care services in the Division and provide support where necessary.

  • Fire Control Committee

    The Commissioner Karachi Office serves as headquarter for Fire Control in the Division. With Fire Rescue Cell designated with the Commissioner Office, the Fire Control Committee serves as a monitoring body to ensure necessary measures are being taken to avoid any unpleasant fire incident in the Division.

  • Divisional Task Force Committee

    A committee for special task assignment is constituted at Divisional level. The purpose of this committee is to address any particular issue or area which needs immediate or special attention for specific period of time. Assignments of the committee may include price control, crime control, and/or disaster management as the situation requires.

  • Divisional Oversight Committee

    The objective of Divisional Oversight Committee is to monitor the overall implementation and progress of the projects going on in the City. The Committee entails officers from District Administration, representatives from Works and Services Department and other relevant personnel.

  • Deceased Quota Committee

    The purpose of this committee is to look after the induction of personnel into government service on basis of deceased quota.