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Syed Hassan Ali Naqvi

Dear Karachiites,
I am delighted to introduce a new website that empowers the public to access maximum services and seek redressal for their complaints. This innovative platform provides a one-stop solution for citizens to connect with various government departments, agencies, and services. The website's user-friendly interface offers easy access to essential services, including necessary information related to the city and government schemes.
Citizens can now conveniently:

  • File complaints and track their status
  • Access information on government schemes and programs
  • Connect with local authorities and departments
  • Find resources and support for various social services

This website embodies our commitment to transparency, accountability, and citizen-centric governance. We aim to bridge the gap between the government and the people, ensuring that every citizen has a voice and access to their rights.
I invite you to explore this website and experience its convenience and efficiency and let us informed with your valuable suggestions. Together, let us work towards a more responsive and inclusive governance system.